Deyga Beetroot Lip Balm – 100% Natural Lip Balm For dark Lips

Today we talk about the Deyga beetroot lip balm. This is one of the best 100% natural and organic lip balms available in the market. Everyone likes pink and soft lips but like the suntan, chemical-based lip products make our lips dark. And one of the star ingredients for naturally pink lips is beetroot.

Our 100% organic and natural lip balm combines a rich blend of ingredients such as shea butter, avocado oil, beeswax, and beetroot extract- to rescue parched and dehydrated lips. It is one of the best lip balms for dry skin and its long-lasting creamy formula helps nurture the lip, moisturize chapped lips and give the lips a soft and smooth feel.

  • It is ideal for people with dry and chapped lips.
  • It leaves a subtle shine on the lips.
  • It makes the lips soft and supple.
  • Heals the cuts on the lips caused due to dryness.


Like the lip scrub, Deyga beetroot lip balm is also made with minimal and common ingredients. Also, they used 100% natural ingredients and all products are hand-made with love.

Beeswax contains natural emulsifiers that help retain moisture, making it a great ingredient for dry, flattened lips. Protects lips from UV rays.

Shea butter softens the lips and provides anti-aging benefits such as reducing lip lines and increasing pigmentation.

Almond oil helps to rejuvenate your lips by removing dead skin cells from the skin, blocking the lips, and keeping them moisturized.

Beetroot has bleaching properties that make the lips pink, it will moisturize and nourish your lips.

beetroot lip balm deyga


Deyga beetroot lip balm comes in a small aluminum tub-like packaging. And it is secured by a screw metal lid. All information is mentioned on the container. The container is very sturdy, travel friendly and the overall packaging is very beautiful. But one problem is that it comes in a tub, then you should always wash your hands before using this beetroot lip balm on your lips.

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The direction of application: Take the required amount of Lip Balm on your fingertips. And apply gently on the lips.

My Experience With The Deyga Lip Balm:

Colour: When you see the lip balm in the pot, then you will be thinking the Deyga Beetroot lip balm is red, but when you apply it on the lips then you can see this is a clear lip balm.

Texture: This lip balm is very smooth and non-sticky.

Deyga beetroot lip balm is one of the best herbal lip balms I have ever tried. And quantity-wise, this lip balm very reasonable. It is a gel-based lip balm that glides easily on the lips. A very important part of this lip balm is that it moisturizes the lips very well and stays on the lips for 2 to 3 hours if you do not eat or drink anything. Regular use of on makes your lips soft and supple.

Regular use of this Deyga beetroot lip balm, lighten the pigmentation of lips. This lip balm is very lightweight. You can use it at night to provide intense hydration and nourishment to the chapped lips. I apply it also in the morning and my lips feel soft, supple, and extremely moisturized. It gives a glossy finish to the lips.

deyga beetroot lip balm texture

What I Liked about Deyga Beetroot Lip Balm:

  1. The balm is inexpensive
  2. They keep the lips moisturized for a long time
  3. The packaging is quite good and travels friendly
  4. Gives a soft shine to lips
  5. This is a pure transparent lip balm
  6. It lightens the dark lips
  7. It does not feel sticky or oily on the lips and you can use it under the matte lipstick
  8. It is enriched with some amazing natural ingredients
  9. It glides smoothly on the lips
  10. Moreover, the lip balm is formulated without paraben or sulfate

What I Disliked about Deyga Beetroot Lip Balm:

  1. I do not like its smell
  2. You need to re-apply

Overall, I love this Deyga beetroot lip balm. If you want to try something herbal and natural lip balm, that also so effective on dry and pigmented lips. Then definitely I recommended this.

I really enjoy the Deyga lip care combo – both mint lip scrub and beetroot lip combo. If you want to remove pigmentation, dark patches, and soft kissable lips, then definitely try this Deyga lip care combo.

deyga lip care combo

What do you think about this Deyga beetroot lip balm? Share your experience in the comment section below. And if you enjoyed reading this article, be sure to share it with your friends and family.

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