Deyga Lip Scrub Review – Best Natural Lip Scrub Under 300 Rupees

Exfoliation is the secret behind soft and beautiful pink lips. I love to use a lip scrub and my latest pick is Deyga Lip Scrub.  And between the two variables, I choose their mint lip scrub. No matter how many times you apply that expensive lip butter or lip balm on your lips, they just don’t work! If your lips are not properly exfoliated, the lip balms do not penetrate well. As a result, our lips became chapped and dry.

Just like our skin we need to scrub our lips to remove dead skin cells. Thus, a lip scrub must get rid of dry and dead skin cells from our lips and allow lip care products to do their job. And we get soft, smooth kissable lips. Today, I will review the Deyga mint lip scrub and find out how it worked for me.

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About The Brand Deyga:

Deyga is an organic skin and hair care brand. They used natural and authentic ingredients for their products. They use modern science with the age-old recipes of Ayurveda. Their all products are handcrafted, 100% natural, cruelty-free, chemical-free.

texture of deyga mint lip scrub

Basic Information About  Deyga Mint Lip Scrub:

Price: 290/- for 20 gm of product

Shelf Life: 6 months

Colour: Light green

Smell: Just like mint oil

Texture: Granular

You can Buy it from Here

price of Deyga Lip Scrub

What Does the Deyga Claim about the Mint Lip Scrub?

Exfoliate the dead cells away, to expose smoother and fuller lips. This ultra-hydrating lip scrub is made with nourishing ingredients that help keep your lips healthy and fresh.

The sweet and tangy mint present in this scrub helps to reverse pigmentation and prevents the lip cell membrane from damage. The moisturizing effect of Avocado oil and beeswax provides a complete lip treatment and helps restore chapped lips.

Ingredients of Deyga Lip Scrub – Mint:

Deyga uses very minimal and common ingredients for this mint sugar lip scrub. But they are very effective for chapped lips.

Mint Essential Oil: It has antibacterial properties that fight fungus and bacteria. Also, it has a cooling effect that soothes dry irritates lips.

Almond Oil: It is a great source of vitamin e that nourishes chapped lips.

Avocado Oil: One of the best oil for lips. It is a saviour for chapped and dry lips. It moisturized lips and protects them from UV rays.

Vitamin E: It restores the moisture of the lips and makes them hydrated.

Granulated Sugar: It works as a natural exfoliator.

Deyga Lip Scrub

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This Deyga lip scrub comes in a very small size pot-like packaging. And it secured by a screw lid. And the container including the lid is made of aluminium metal. That makes the packaging very sturdy and travel-friendly.

My Experience With The Deyga Mint Lip Scrub:

It’s been more than three weeks since I am using this lip scrub. Before that, I always used DIY lip scrub, but after using this Deyga lip scrub I really impressed by its result. The sugar granules are not harsh on the lips and very effective to remove dead skin cells of the lips. And makes lips so soft and smooth. This lip scrubs also great for removing dark patches on the lips.

Deyga lip scrub infused with almond oil, mint oil, avocado oil, and that is why my lips do not dry off. I didn’t feel the need to apply any lip balm after the wash-off because it makes my lips so hydrated. However, this does not mean that one’s lips should be left out after applying the lip scrub.

After using the Deyga lip scrub – mint, my lips instantly feel moisturized and hydrated and they look healthy, plump, and pink. Regular use of this mint sugar lip scrub helps to get rid of lip pigmentation. It never irritates my lips or the surrounding lip areas. Also, it does not feel heavy on my lips.

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Ans: Definitely Yes. It makes lips so soft, removes dead skin cells properly, not harsh on the lips. It is a perfect lip scrub.

Deyga Lip Scrub- best natural mint sugar scrub

Pros of Deyga Mint Lip Scrub:

  • Beautiful packaging,
  • A very small amount is required for each application,
  • The particles are just perfect,
  • Helps to remove lipstick stain,
  • Clears out dead & tanned skin,
  • The lips swell well,
  • The lips do not dry,
  • The lips feel moisturized and nourished,
  • Get rid of pigmented lips,
  • Contains excellent natural ingredients
  • One of the best natural lip scrub available in India


Overall, I love this lip scrub. If you want to try something organic and natural, so effectively on your skin and not harsh. Then definitely go for this Deyga lip scrub.

PrettifyOurself Rating: 4.9/5

Have you tried the Deyga Lip Scrub? What do you think about it? Share your experience in the comment section below. And if you enjoyed reading this article, be sure to share it with your friends and family.

Hope the review was helpful, take care till next time and stay beautiful!!!


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