25 Bridal Makeup Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make.

Bridal makeup is a lot of responsibility, and you have to take it seriously. But all too often, brides make mistakes that can ruin the look or even the day. Here are following 25 things should avoid doing at your wedding day.

Doing it up your own way  

This is where you can be more creative, so let your inner designer out. But remember to take your stylist’s advice, who will know what will look best on you.

Using baby powder  

It won’t weigh down your makeup, but it can get residue on your skin and then cause acne breakouts. Your skin is delicate, so don’t go too heavy with the powder.

Mixing two shades of foundation  

This can cause serious problems with uneven skin tone and uneven color on other parts of the face. You do not have to use full coverage foundation at all times; use a lighter touch for special occasions but not all over the face every day. Remember that foundations come in every shade and color imaginable, so experiment with different ones to find what works for you best.

Overdoing it  with eye makeup  

You may feel like everyone else is wearing a ton of eye shadow or liner, but this can actually make you look older than those people (see photos). Try to keep your eyes natural or wear neutral toned eyeshadow instead. Think about using a glossy eye shadow for a subtle sparkle that will make you look younger.

Not wearing enough makeup  

Although you may think you’re finished when you step from your car and see how pretty your hair and makeup are, imagine going down the aisle and seeing that the face staring back at you is completely bare. You don’t have to show all of your teeth, but if a few stray hairs or marks remain on your face, those will be visible in photos (see photo). Be sure to use concealer to erase any blemishes on the face or it can show through in photos! And remember, if you’re not going to look more than fresh-faced on your wedding day, then don’t even bother getting married.

Forgetting to clean under your eyes

This is a huge problem for brides because many don’t realize they are very easy to forget about. If they do find themselves with dark circles under their eyes, an easy fix is to take some concealer and blend it into their natural skin color, then cover any imperfections under their eyes with more tinted eye shadow. This method takes finger work and two minutes tops, but your eye area will stay fresh and beautiful, even if you’re sweating from all the excitement.

Putting bronzer or blush on too much

This can make you look older by making your skin look overly orange and fake. Try to keep a clean line underneath the cheekbones and work on the sides of the face, so that it looks natural.

Not using sunscreen 

Although sunscreen is not 100% necessary for a wedding (no one gets married right after a tanning session), it is still highly recommended. For those of you with oily skin, make sure you use an oil free formula to avoid breakouts and oily looking skin during your special day. Keep in mind that sunscreen can also make you look older, so be sure to apply it at least two hours before hand! If you forget to apply your makeup, don’t worry; there are tons of products out there that come with SPF included.

Using too much mascara

Being natural can be difficult, especially when your eyes can get a little heavy after many hours of wearing makeup. To keep the eye makeup from looking too cakey, avoid mascara along with anything that lifts the lashes. Also, if you do use mascara it is best to opt for an easy-to-remove product like waterproof or tinted ones as well.

Not using bronzer

This is a beautiful shade that many forget about when applying their wedding makeup, but it’s a must! It will add definition to your cheekbones and make them pop while making you look fresh and young.

Never painting your nails

You might have fun with colors and patterns, but if you don’t have time to do your nails and eye makeup, then you won’t be able to wear all of the colors that you want and need. So, try to take time out of your day for a hand or foot manicure.

Not wearing the right fragrance

Your smell is something that should go with everything in your bridal look. If it comes across as sickly sweet or too feminine, then you are giving off the wrong message. Your skin and hair can come first when choosing a scent so that they don’t compete with each other. Although this is just one small tip when it comes to wedding day makeup, it can be very important in making sure that everyone knows why you are there.

Not doing your skin prep

This is the most important part of makeup and should be done first. It will define your features, and make them look sharp.

Starting with your hair

Start with a base color, like a dark brown or black, as well as a sheer black from there. For brides who have thick hair or who want to avoid being easy to do (like me), you can opt for a darker brown or black for the base color. By avoiding blonde highlights and or extremely light bases, you will look radiant rather than washed out. If you have short hair that needs touching up but still need to keep it natural looking for the wedding then I would definitely recommend going with a darker shade of brown.

Not making sure your makeup is completely finished before bedtime

Try to get a good night’s sleep before going in front of the camera at least two hours before hand and do extra touch ups just before getting in front of the photographer. This is because it takes longer to reapply your makeup after you’ve slept on it than before which leaves too much time between when you took your makeup off and when it’s time for pictures which can be risky if people have to wait too long.

Not following your makeup artist or stylist’s advice

It’s important to follow the makeup artist or stylist’s advice as they know exactly what will look good on your face and can make you look flawless. If you’re concerned about what will look best for bridal makeup, then talk with the stylist about it before your wedding! Also if you’re not happy with something a stylist has done, then don’t let that be a reason why you cannot have it done the way you want.

Overdoing it

Makeup is just another form of art and there are so many different ways to achieve beautiful results. Follow your own vision but don’t try to cover up too much or be too over the top as that can ruin an otherwise beautiful makeup job.

Making other people do your makeup

You know what they say; beauty starts at home! A good bridal party will help set you off right and get everything in place when needed before doing it themselves. Makeup artists have their own set of skills which are not needed for every occasion so always ask permission before letting someone else do their job for you, this includes family members who may not know how to do makeup.

Using an inappropriate product

Makeup is not just about getting a flawless look. It’s also about smelling good, being comfortable and protecting your skin from harmful chemicals. If you’re using something that isn’t appropriate for the occasion then you could be exposing yourself to risks while you’re on your wedding day which is undesirable.

Not listening to your photographer or other people photographing you

If someone is taking photos of you then they have the right to tell you when the best angles are if they are concerned about where you need to be placed within a shot, even if it’s subtle it’s still important for all parties involved to be aware of what is going on so everyone can stay calm and ready!

Being indecisive

This is one of the largest mistakes as you’re not letting your makeup artist do their job and worry about other people will let you down. Makeup can last for up to 5 hours so if you are not happy with something then don’t just keep doing it, go for a different look or at least stop for a few minutes to think about the best option. You may still be able to fix it without too much effort if you change things around slowly but it’s not worth doing half measures and compromising on quality just because you’re nervous!

Not knowing what colour looks best on your skin/what colour products work best with your skin tone

There are so many different tones of skin which make-up is largely dependent upon; some are very fair and some are very dark, so it’s important to find the right shade of foundation that works well with your skin tone. If the colour doesn’t work well then there’s no point in even applying make-up. Similarly, in terms of blush and bronzing powder, once again, there are so many different tones which may mean that one product won’t suit all skin tones however this doesn’t mean that you need to settle for a shade that doesn’t work with your skin. There are plenty of other products which you can try with the same end result.

Not being aware of what you’re doing to your skin

Makeup can be a big commitment as it may last for several hours, however it’s also important to take care of your skin while you’re wearing it. If you are constantly removing the foundation then this can cause problems or even make-up mistakes like streaking etc so don’t be afraid to keep going until your make-up artist tells you that it’s time for a change!

Using harsh chemicals on your face

If you have sensitive skin then using harsh chemicals could potentially cause issues and may require more than one application if they feel uncomfortable so bear this in mind when using them. Interesting fact: if someone shaves their head before applying a product which is meant to be used on the head, the product won’t feel smooth or look great because the hair will take away from the finish of the application, so please make sure that you take care of your hair!

Using eyelash extensions too close together

Lashes should not be glued on top of each other as this could cause them to fall out or blend into each other and look unnatural.

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